18-24 Month Milestones

I’ve been on an amazing journey with my first little one (LO)! She has gone through some great milestones and I’m so proud to say that she really does excel! This excites me because I get to learn with her. While she’s learning new things, I’m able to gather more information to teach her. She has such a personality and can be a sweet loving baby girl and then on the other hand, she can be a terror! While every single child is different, I’ll be sharing with you my journey with Paisley. She is currently 20 months!

I’ll be going back and forth with no particular order in events or order in category. I’m basically going to share with you, for the most part, what she’s doing now and if she learned it a lot earlier. Here we go!!!

Weight and growth:

She has always been on the slimmer side and grows in inches often, so she’s right on track. She will now be evening out her weight as far as “no more chubby babies!” LOL Your baby will now start to grow in height and will slim down, “becoming a toddler” in a sense.

Looking like a Toddler:

As mentioned above, your baby will start to look like a toddler. Paisley is still adorable but she is also starting to look like a “little girl”. I’m able to do her hair in a ponytail now and she’ll actually keep a dress on. Her face is losing that “chubby cheek” look.

Teeth! Brushing them too!:

Yes teeth are in! She’s got 16 teeth including molars and all 4 K-9’s! But she actually got her molars around 16-18 months and K-9’s between 18-20 months. If you read online, it’ll tell you, for the most part that 18 months are when molars and K-9’s will pop through but every child is different. She has also been brushing her teeth on her own since about 17 months. Toddlers between 18-24 months should learn to brush on their own. While we assisted them before this time, they’ll love their independence now! I have to make sure she brushes correctly because she’s eating so much more now. But it’s easy-peasy!

Nap time is amazing:

A lot of toddlers this age will start this whole sleep deprivation thing but it was actually the opposite for Pae. She used to wake consistently but after about 18 months, she started to get into a sleep pattern and stood asleep! She now takes 2-4 hour naps! (Moms, don’t hate me!) I still allow her bedtime to be between 10-11pm because if she goes down then, It’ll insure she wakes around 10am. Which is an amazing time for any mother who’d lie to get anything done! But regardless of her sleep pattern, toddlers around this age should sleep between 12-14 hours in a 24 hour time frame.

Points out her body parts:

Children of this age should for the most part know their body parts. Mine for instance, she knows her hands, feet, hair, head, mouth, eyes, etc. She can point them out too. She also started doing this and knowing the parts at around 15 months.

Feeding & drinking:

Pae can feed herself with a spoon and fork. She also can drink from a cup like we normally do. Some children are still transitioning at this age from a sippy-cup but we never really used them. I have some Disney ones that are awesome but I only put water or juice on occasion. Some people ask me why I still use a bottle for Paisley and honestly, I only use it around bedtime, naps, or in the car. Its easier and they don’t spill as much. She pretty much transitioned from bottle, to cup with straw, to cup by itself.


Children of this age can usually help dress themselves for the most part. She can as well. It’s great to practice this everyday because she will gain independence. Children should be able to assist in dressing and undressing. Pae also helps with putting her shoes and socks on. She loves to do this!

Walking up and down stairs:

It’s normal for a child to walk up and down stairs assisted by the rail or walls. She’s got this one down completely!

Identify people:

It is common at this age for your toddler to be able to identify immediate family members or favorite toys. Pae can identify family members in pictures as well as her favorite stuffed animals on TV.


Some play activities she does are running and jumping, she’s able to stack her blocks, throws a ball to someone and also attempts to catch it, and loves toys or games than interact with her. Some more things that a child of this age (as well as Pae) can do is actually start to “pretend play”. Sometimes she’ll attempt to give her Bee (baby doll) some food and bottle for her to eat and drink. As well as making her dance to music. A child her/himself will also enjoy dancing to music alone or with parents. Educational: Children of this age also like to color and draw. Also tries to read books. She’ll sit with a book and try to mimic the words she knows according to the picture she’s seeing. This is a super fun time because, like me, some parents can start homeschooling to get an early start in their education.


She has a sense of self, she knows who she is and the difference between the immediate people around her. At this point, you’ll probably experience your child being very shy and more attached to you when it comes to strangers. This is a GOOD thing! Keep your babies close, she’ll let you know when she doesn’t want to be around people.

She like to watch “her shows”! lol When a certain show comes on, she’ll familiarize with it and even ask to see it. My child says “TV, Mini”. Which I know means she wants to watch Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Jr.

Your little one might be a little more sneakier than normal, in a funny way! She will hide her toy or bottle and know exactly where it is when asked. You’ll also be able to hide a teddy or toy and she’ll find it and associate what you’re doing with a sort of hide and go seek.

18-24 months is also a time period where your child will NEED attention! Literally, walking around the house while hearing, “mom, mom, mom, mom, mom…..mom!”, all day can be pretty nerve racking. Haha! It reminds me of the Stewie video meme from Family Guy! So, spend lots of time with your toddler. Some “busy activities” include; going for a walk, going to the park, coloring, learning by using Gross Motor Skills.

Your LO will also start talking about herself, in a sense of what she’s doing. She’ll say things like; “go mommy, I sleep (mimis), eat food, all done, etc.” Children of this age also can say 2-3 word sentences. As well as understand prepositions like; under, over, up, down, etc. She’ll understand when you give simple commands like, “Bee’s under the couch”, “Stand up”, etc. She can also respond to questions you ask and have a sense of likes and dislikes. She is speaking and able to be understood by the few words and gestures she knows.

A child at 18 months old will normally say between 6-12 words. Paisley said about 35 at her 18 month check up. Now she’s at about 50 and says 2-3 word sentences. Every child is different and some learn faster than others. That is completely fine! A great way to work with you child is to label everything in the house. Make sure the words aren’t to complicated, i.e. “Entertainment stand”! No, use “TV Stand”.

Your child will start to want to help you with chores. This is a great way we bond and make cleaning up really fun! So allow your child to help and this can also keep them busy if you assign a small simple task.


*Tip! An amazing way to get your toddlers attention is to:

Get down to their LEVEL: squat.

Address them by their NAME. baby names can distract them and not make them aware of the severity in the conversation.

Make EYE CONTACT! This insures you have their attention.

In a STERN voice, tell them of the dilemma or what you need to ask them, etc.



If you have any questions or are worried in certain areas, the best thing you can do is ask your pediatrician. Remember, you are the parent, you’re in charge! Don’t let anyone tell you what they think of your child. You know how smart your child is and making and inquiry does no harm. I hope you enjoyed reading this post! These are all of the things Paisley does and the milestones she’s reached as well as what the milestones are for children between the ages of 18-24 months. I researched the milestones and I wanted to share them with you all as well as with the experiences I go through with Pae!




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