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Becoming a Working Mama

Being a Stay At Home Mama is AMAZING! But sometimes you just have to jump back out there. The reasons may differ from family to family & we’ll get into that too!

Being a stay at home mother is really a job all in itself and it’s crazy! I absolutely love it! I’m able to get so much more done around the house (if Paisley allows it) and I actually feel like I have free time with my daughter. I’m not bound by time…….other than nap time. I’m able to hang out with all of the “mommy groups” and  go on play dates! But there are so many more aspects to being a stay at home mom. You’re with your child, or children, 24/7! You don’t exactly get a break other than nap time. And yes you do have to clean up……and then clean up again as your children make more messes right behind you. It’s seriously a full-time job and you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all for a chance of smiles and cuddles of love here and there. It’s a beautiful yet draining job all at once. <3

But, jumping back into the workforce is eeeeeeekkkkkk!!

I personally went back to work because I wanted to help give my family some financial stability and pay off  some things. Just like every one else, financial freedom is our goal! But going to work isn’t only about money for my family and myself. I love working, I love keeping busy, and I love socializing with people and learning about them. That doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me normal. Some mothers get talked down on because they go back to being a working mother. Sometimes being scrutinized by their friends, family, and even their own husbands! I am blessed to have a husband who’s understanding and very supportive of me going back to work. & To all of the mothers being shammed out there, FORGET about those negative people and start surrounding yourself with positive people who have common goals and interests. YOU ARE A STRONG MOTHER! No one else can take that away!

With the pressure of discouragement there, you still need to get back at it at some point. With my situation, the overwhelming part of my life was actually going back to work. You realize that now you actually have to listen to what someone says now (other than your 2 year old)! Its kind of strange I will admit, at least for myself, because I was actually a stay at home mother for 2 years! Thats a whole lot of “mommy and me” play dates and Starbucks I was now missing out on!

Work will get better! 

Yes, work will improve! When I first started working, I started to get all of those “I really miss my daughter” thoughts and feelings. And I have to admit, it was a pretty emotional thing for me. At some point, I almost wanted to stop working to be a stay at home mama again. But that wouldn’t be fair to Paisley either. See, I met Mrs. Tabitha, our new babysitter, a while before, when I was a stay at home mama. She has a son the same age as Pae, and they were already getting so attached. Plus, I have to keep the goals of my family in mind. So when I reached a point at work where I was between a rock and a hard place, I took a step back and reevaluated my goals and what was best for my family and I. Soon enough, work did get better! I was quickly promoted and actually very proud of myself. Working hard and sticking to my guns paid off! Although I have a lot more responsibilities, my family and my work life are in good positions.

Time Management:

It can be stressful trying to manage my time with Pae, hubby, work, home, etc. And sometimes you just need to take a breather! It happens to everyone. I only get two days off a week and they aren’t consecutive! One day I get with my husband and Pae and the other I get with just Pae. I have to schedule everything accordingly and sometimes I forget to include some “me” time in all of that. Believe it or not, my “me” time consists of a variety of things from alone time getting my nails done to DIY projects, essential oils to reading, blogging to coffee or winery dates with girlfriends, etc. So getting all that “penciled in” can be kind of hectic! But even through all of my scheduling of time, Pae and Ryan are my top priorities! Being the best wife and mother I can be are so important to me. In general, my tips on scheduling would be to get a Life Planner, prioritize, and stop stressing! (:

How work life challenges my blogging…

Yes! I did noticed that I hit a huge writers block when it came to my blog. But, that has changed! I recently got a Life Planner that has allowed me to schedule time in a manner that almost feels flawless. (I will share a review of it in a future post, you’re going to LOVE it!) That being said, I’ve made a commitment to myself to stick to my schedule and commit to my third love, writing. I will say, coming home from work after being there almost 10 1/2 hours can be draining but I recently noticed, I’ve gained so much inspiration from day to day interactions with my clients, that I really have no excuse not to share. So watch out Learning Mama’s, more is headed your way!



The Learning Mama

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Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Being around people all day is something that most of us do. We interact, get upset, love, and do so much more with the people we surround ourselves with. Sometimes, we forget that we are around “people”. We are so focused on our daily lives and the stress of it all that sometimes we just forget how to smile at people. I for one get caught up in my daily life. I have a child all day, try to clean, go to school, etc. I can literally walk into a store and forget that the person standing in front of me at the cash register is also a person. When I realize that I’m not being the best person I can be, I feel sad. Knowing that in the other person’s mind, they’re thinking, “Wow lady! You’re not even acknowledging me and that’s rude!”. But in all reality, I’m not trying to be at all, I just have so much on my mind. That’s just one example of how much us live our daily lives.

I’ve started to make a pact with myself!

If you really think about it, this is highly accomplishable! *hehe* I’ve made a pact to start doing random acts of kindness! This task can literally be so easy or it can be extremely hard. If you continue on with your daily activities and remind yourself to just do one random act of kindness per day, you will start to notice that you are doing these acts more than once a day. I say it can be hard because all of us have “those days”. The days in which, you are driving on the freeway and someone randomly gets in front of you. In you mind, (you’re yelling) “what the heck! Why did you have to cut me off!”, but in all reality, the car didn’t cut you off. You are just having a day where everything anyone does is bad. *Husbands, just stay away on this day. Lol.* But those days are the most challenging!

How to get through the challenging days.

Those days that seem hard to even hold a conversation, can really put a damper on someone else’s day. The last thing I want to do is go home and at the end of the day, I know I’ve made someone’s day horrible. I would feel so heartbroken! But we are all human, so unfortunately I do have those days. I found a few steps to handling them better. Here’s an example of me on the freeway and I am having a “tell the world off!” day:

1. You might find that you slipped up. Quite frankly. You immediately caught yourself in the act and you know that you’ve already made a pact with yourself. So you stop while you’re in your tracts!

2. I personally will turn the radio off completely. There is nothing better than the sound of sweet silence. Those of you mommies/daddies out there, I know that this is extremely hard sometimes but try to tune out the kids for a little while.

3. Now take a few deep breaths and start to think about something more uplifting. Some people get so caught in the heat and you really don’t know what can be uplifting at this very moment. Well, what works for me is thinking about something you’re planning. Maybe a goal your working towards or maybe a project you want to work on in the house.

4. Now your mind is off of what other drivers are doing and you are in a different and hopefully better mood. Now let this be the time that you remind yourself later about, that will help you act more kind throughout the rest of the day.

All you can do is hope your act will make a difference.

All you can do is hope that the act of kindness you have shown someone will spread onto the next person. What’s funny about us as humans is that we cause a chain reaction without even knowing it. We do this all the time! Lets think of this on a bigger scale, if you act kind towards one person and they are kind to another, and so on and so on…You will have caused a chain reaction right then and there. Now think about if you can do that for 5 people! Or even 20 people! That’s what being kind does, it spreads. You never know when or where you can impact someone’s entire life. Be kind and kindness will be spread towards you.



The Learning Mama


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