DoTerra has been my Rock!

When I first had my daughter, I met a woman through my cloth diapering adventures, and she introduced me to oils. I was initially skeptical because I was almost sucked into a pyramid scheme once before. When I say skeptical, I mean skeptical people! LOL! I pretty much gave this poor woman the 3rd degree about all these oils. But luckily for me, she was patient and explained everything very well. So…I did it! She convinced me. LOL. That was close to 4 years ago now and I’m still in love with DoTerra!

I first joined back in 2013 and it was the best thing I could’ve done! It only cost me $25 to join! (Plus whatever oils I wanted to stock up on.) Or another way is to pick a kit. DoTerra offers kits you can purchase as starter packs into essential oils. The kits are pretty amazing! I was on a budget when I first started, with a new baby and all, so I ended up joining for the $25 deal and purchasing some good oils.

Heres when I knew they worked! My daughter was a baby still and got extremely sick! I was in and out of urgent care because she had a really high fever. We tried everything! Literally, everything! All the Motrin’s and Ibuprofen’s Target offers, nothing took her fever away. I was desperate. I texted that one mama who signed me up with DoTerra and asked her if she had ANY recommendations for a fever in a baby.

She recommended Peppermint Oil. She told me to dilute it with a carrier oil such as Fractionated Coconut Oil. Then she told me to rub it onto her temples, bottom of her feet, and her wrists. So I did just that! I ran out to find some Fractionated Coconut Oil, I already had Peppermint Oil, and then mixed them into a roller bottle I purchased from Amazon.

I swear! Once I rubbed her with the oil, (about 15 minutes later) she started to pick her head up and started to smile more and wanted to eat something. I ran to my bag to grab her thermometer and her fever had broken! It significantly went down by 3 degrees! I tried all the medicines I could for a couple of days and an essential oil was the only thing that helped my daughter!

If you have any doubts, try it! If I, being as skeptical as I was, tried it and then it actually worked when I needed it the most, why not take a chance on it!

Now I sell DoTerra to so many people who know the benefits and love the product. If you’re interested in learning more or even checking out some pricing, feel free to check out my DoTerra page! Any questions I can answer for you, feel free to contact me! I’ll be creating some more blog posts with How-To’s on DoTerra Oils here shortly


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