In the field of robotics, Leador has developed its own "INS (Inertial Navigation System) + SLAM" algorithm based on more than 20 years of profound accumulation in mobile measurement, inertial navigation, multi-sensor fusion, and spatiotemporal big data services. This algorithm enables robots to achieve high-precision positioning and navigation capabilities. Through the "TrueMap" digital twin factory platform, the operation of robots can be simulated and tested for more accurate and reliable task completion. Intelligent robots for logistics, warehousing, security, emergency response, and other specialized industries have been successfully deployed.

Ironwood Ox Unmanned Tractor

Automated Logistics
Multi-Source Fusion Algorithm
24-Hour All-Weather Operation

Ironwood Ox Unmanned Transport Vehicle

Flexible Handling
Intelligent Picking
Intelligent Factory Transportation

Inspection Robots

Image Recognition, Infrared Temperature Measurement
Unmanned Operations in High-Risk Environments
Automatic Obstacle Avoidance, Autonomous Charging
Automatic driving
From ADAS-assisted driving to semi-autonomous driving, and then to autonomous driving, every car in the future will require high-precision maps, inertial navigation systems, and mobile measurement capabilities. Leador Space has integrated core technologies such as GNSS/INS, photogrammetry, image recognition, lidar, and deep learning, and launched products such as vehicle-grade inertial navigation systems, high-precision maps for autonomous driving, and vehicle networking big data platforms, successfully entering the field of autonomous driving.

Vehicle-grade Inertial Navigation System

Utilizing an integrated design that combines MEME and GNSS, this system provides vehicles with highly accurate information such as position, speed, heading, and attitude, to meet the needs of autonomous vehicles for perception, navigation, control planning, and motion compensation.

AVP Parking Map

Based on multiple high-precision map collection devices, and through multi-sensor fusion, intelligent environmental perception, and cloud service platform, this service provides parking lot map data that meets the needs of unmanned valet parking.


The ISHOW China Connected Vehicle Big Data Service Platform aims to provide enterprise users with an integrated vehicle management platform that combines map services and commercial analysis through a "CRM+LBS" service model and mature industry solutions. It has already connected over 7 million vehicles, contributing over 100 million kilometers of information data every day.
Smart city big data service
    Integrating sky and earth data services achieve a comprehensive 3D reconstruction of all elements, with the multidimensional data fusion of "BIM+GIS+IoT" forming a virtual and real mapping. Combining dynamic interaction and AI simulation tools, it realizes virtual control and enhances the intelligent management and decision-making level of real business scenarios.
    Integrated data collection of sky, earth, and space
    Ability to respond and render in milliseconds
    Spatial grid data fusion engine
    The Three-dimensional Prevention and Control Application System is based on digital twin technology and is designed to meet the precise security and prevention needs of key areas. It builds a comprehensive, full-scenario, three-dimensional prevention and control system to efficiently manage and analyze people, objects, and events, empowering intelligent decision-making.
    Three-dimensional Monitoring and Early Warning
    Visualized and intelligent scheduling
    Intelligent Analysis and Decision-making.
    The Urban Operation Management Service Platform is an information platform that aims to "manage the city through a single network." Its main purpose is to manage and provide services for the city using cutting-edge technologies. The platform features functions such as overall coordination, command dispatch, monitoring and early warning, supervision and assessment, and comprehensive evaluation. It is an important carrier of digital technology to promote innovation in urban management methods.
    Full Coverage of the Urban Management Industry
    Full-time and Full-service Citizen Services
    City Life Safety Monitoring
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