Becoming a Working Mama

Being a Stay At Home Mama is AMAZING! But sometimes you just have to jump back out there. The reasons may differ from family to family & we’ll get into that too!

Being a stay at home mother is really a job all in itself and it’s crazy! I absolutely love it! I’m able to get so much more done around the house (if Paisley allows it) and I actually feel like I have free time with my daughter. I’m not bound by time…….other than nap time. I’m able to hang out with all of the “mommy groups” and  go on play dates! But there are so many more aspects to being a stay at home mom. You’re with your child, or children, 24/7! You don’t exactly get a break other than nap time. And yes you do have to clean up……and then clean up again as your children make more messes right behind you. It’s seriously a full-time job and you work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week all for a chance of smiles and cuddles of love here and there. It’s a beautiful yet draining job all at once. <3

But, jumping back into the workforce is eeeeeeekkkkkk!!

I personally went back to work because I wanted to help give my family some financial stability and pay off  some things. Just like every one else, financial freedom is our goal! But going to work isn’t only about money for my family and myself. I love working, I love keeping busy, and I love socializing with people and learning about them. That doesn’t make me a bad person, it makes me normal. Some mothers get talked down on because they go back to being a working mother. Sometimes being scrutinized by their friends, family, and even their own husbands! I am blessed to have a husband who’s understanding and very supportive of me going back to work. & To all of the mothers being shammed out there, FORGET about those negative people and start surrounding yourself with positive people who have common goals and interests. YOU ARE A STRONG MOTHER! No one else can take that away!

With the pressure of discouragement there, you still need to get back at it at some point. With my situation, the overwhelming part of my life was actually going back to work. You realize that now you actually have to listen to what someone says now (other than your 2 year old)! Its kind of strange I will admit, at least for myself, because I was actually a stay at home mother for 2 years! Thats a whole lot of “mommy and me” play dates and Starbucks I was now missing out on!

Work will get better! 

Yes, work will improve! When I first started working, I started to get all of those “I really miss my daughter” thoughts and feelings. And I have to admit, it was a pretty emotional thing for me. At some point, I almost wanted to stop working to be a stay at home mama again. But that wouldn’t be fair to Paisley either. See, I met Mrs. Tabitha, our new babysitter, a while before, when I was a stay at home mama. She has a son the same age as Pae, and they were already getting so attached. Plus, I have to keep the goals of my family in mind. So when I reached a point at work where I was between a rock and a hard place, I took a step back and reevaluated my goals and what was best for my family and I. Soon enough, work did get better! I was quickly promoted and actually very proud of myself. Working hard and sticking to my guns paid off! Although I have a lot more responsibilities, my family and my work life are in good positions.

Time Management:

It can be stressful trying to manage my time with Pae, hubby, work, home, etc. And sometimes you just need to take a breather! It happens to everyone. I only get two days off a week and they aren’t consecutive! One day I get with my husband and Pae and the other I get with just Pae. I have to schedule everything accordingly and sometimes I forget to include some “me” time in all of that. Believe it or not, my “me” time consists of a variety of things from alone time getting my nails done to DIY projects, essential oils to reading, blogging to coffee or winery dates with girlfriends, etc. So getting all that “penciled in” can be kind of hectic! But even through all of my scheduling of time, Pae and Ryan are my top priorities! Being the best wife and mother I can be are so important to me. In general, my tips on scheduling would be to get a Life Planner, prioritize, and stop stressing! (:

How work life challenges my blogging…

Yes! I did noticed that I hit a huge writers block when it came to my blog. But, that has changed! I recently got a Life Planner that has allowed me to schedule time in a manner that almost feels flawless. (I will share a review of it in a future post, you’re going to LOVE it!) That being said, I’ve made a commitment to myself to stick to my schedule and commit to my third love, writing. I will say, coming home from work after being there almost 10 1/2 hours can be draining but I recently noticed, I’ve gained so much inspiration from day to day interactions with my clients, that I really have no excuse not to share. So watch out Learning Mama’s, more is headed your way!



The Learning Mama

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How To Solve “A Shopping Addiction”

1. Let’s be honest, there really is no cure!

Many times, it may feel as if there are no cures out there. But one thing that you actually can do is improve and change habits. This also isn’t as easy as it sounds. I for one, have a problem sometimes deciding wether or not I really need something. It is fun to say I do though! Haha!

2. If you ask a “Professional”

When asking a professional about this, they may say your problem with shopping stems from your upbringing. Now this in fact can be true but sometimes shopping becomes a problem when people develop bad habits with their money. In reality, EVERYTHING stems from early childhood. You literally can’t get away from that, and there’s no reason you should. All of the events that took place in your life led you right here, right now, to this blog post. All of the beautiful memories made and even some bad ones, it all makes up the person you are today. Don’t change who you are, simply improve.

3. Understanding the Reality:

Now you may be reading this blog post to improve a situation or even to solve a problem desperately but the one thing you have to realize is that nothing will change overnight! If you want this to work, you need to change. You need to change your ways and improve everything you do down to the T! No it isn’t easy but guess what? It isn’t impossible either. There are no excuses!

I often will be on Pinterest looking for ways I can improve money spending or saving, then I’ll Pin stuff to my board after I’ve read or just save to read later. But a lot of times when I’m reading these posts, I am really just looking for “the answer”. But there isn’t just one answer that’s going to solve anything in life. Granted, that statement is arguable. But what you’re looking for, no there isn’t. Ive found that these posts are just super motivating! I hear all of these posts about how “I paid off $18,000 in 6 months” and I’m over here like “What the heck??? Where do I find that kind of money???” lol I am not saying the stories aren’t true, but if you’re like me, $18,000 doesn’t just float onto your lap! It’s just not reasonable to think it would. In reading those posts, I do get motivated and I do find small ways to improve in every article, and that’s why I read them. The same reason you should be reading now.

4. Realize that there is a problem and you’re here to fix it!

You already know that there is something going on, thats why you’re reading posts and articles. Now what do you want to do about it? Don’t dwell on the fact that there is a problem, just know it in the back of your mind and that’ll help you make better choices. I personally don’t like being told I have a problem so I don’t mean to say it in that sense. We all just want to improve our finances. If you ask any person on this earth, they will all say that they want to improve their finances. Regardless how rich they may be, people always have to improve. If they don’t, and just spend and do whatever they want, that money will soon run out.

5. Ask yourself this:

Do you really NEED it?  Is it more of a WANT then a NEED? Can you physically survive without it?

Its all about getting to the root of the purchase. In example, a laptop. For school, work, personal , and blogging, yes I do NEED it. It IS more of a NEED than a want. But yes I can physically survive without it. Now I just answered YES to 2 out of 3 of those questions. So, I’ve established I probably need it but now my mind needs to be set on when I should actually buy it. You need to now form a timeline and budget!

If you don’t have a YES result, don’t be disappointed, just write down what you want on your timeline and take care of the more important things first. Then you’ll be able to plan for what you want without feeling guilty or have buyers remorse because now you’ve taken care of the more important things on your timeline so you have extra room to save for it.

6. Timeline, Budget, and SAVE!

A timeline: Having a NEED list and a WANT list.

A budget: Checking local places and online stores to find the best possible price you can for what you want or need, then aiming to beat that price. If its a need that isn’t necessarily an item, decide on what you are able to spend in order to make this happen. In all cases, STICK TO THE BUDGET! I cannot stress this any more!

Save! Try to save a much money you can while doing anything! If that means waiting, then darn straight, you better wait! Another way to save is, lets say you have $100 dollars to spend, but you actually only spend $65, then go put the remainder from the $100 into your savings account!

7. Ways to take control of your finances!

Cash Envelope System: When you budget out the month and you set aside certain cash that can’t be touched accept FOR THOSE EXPENSES! Example: Groceries, Gas, Splurges, Eating out, Utilities/Rent, etc.

Budget: Always keep a budget! Start off by itemizing everything that you have to pay to sustain living. Ex. Rent, Groceries, Car Payment, Gas, Utilities, Medical, Etc. Then move on to things like bills and make sure you prioritize everything. Then lastly you’ll find stuff like Netflix, Hulu, Apple Music, Cable, Etc. These things aren’t bad to have but you need to realize and ask yourself if you can afford them. And if you got rid of them, how much extra money would you have and if you had that extra money, could it go to a bill to get paid off?


I cannot stress how important it is to use coupons! In this day and age coupons are available from anywhere! Mobile Apps, E-mail, Texts, Websites, Mailers, Etc. There are so many, once you master the art of collecting coupons and you use them wisely, you’ll save so much money! I say wisely because if you, for example, find coupons for things you really weren’t planning to buy or don’t even need, then you just wasted money! You fell victim to coupon disaster hoarder! Don’t be a CDH!

Partner Communication:

Try to communicate together and come up with the best solutions possible for the situation at hand. There’s absolutely no need to argue or blame! You won’t get anywhere like that, just deeper problems. It’s probably best to sit down together (without children!) and just talk about your goals and wants and needs and just allow the ideas to flow freely. Then start to talk about ways you can achieve these goals and ways to improve your budget and spending.


To close…

There are many ways, some not listed here, to stop or minimize spending and start taking control of your paycheck. Some people can’t quit cold turkey but others might be more willing to take the more drastic measures. Trying to solve your shopping addictions is hard, but you can do it! Just start slow and keep this info on hand when you’re making a purchase. Weigh out the pros and cons, then do it again and again until you think its the best purchase.



The Learning Mama

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