Writer’s Block for New Bloggers

Ever have a case of writer’s block? Well I have, and boy was it a long one. lol. I have thought and thought and well…..thought some more about getting on my computer and starting some kind of paragraph. But it just didn’t worked for me. I was literally scared to sit and write after months of not writing. I felt like when I had first started, I was motivated and ready and then when I strayed from writing, I felt I couldn’t measure back up to the motivation I once had or measure up to the desire I had to basically journal my way through this website. Something had to change, it was me.

What I really had to do was get out of this rut an stop coming up with excuses of why I couldn’t drop an paragraph here or there, even if I was just drafting. How simple could it be? Just by taking the time to research and brainstorm and then come up with what I was really trying to convey to my audience, simple right? That was actually the hurtle I so desperately was afraid of. So I took my mind and my laptop to where every writer has gone, the source. The root of their writer’s block. I decided to write about mine here in this blog post. The fear of actually writing.

Personally, I’m not afraid to admit when I don’t know something. A lot of me not being able to sit down and write was because I don’t know a lot about websites or creating a brand that I love. I try to improvise and do as I go but at some point it just catches up to you. I’ve been at a loss for words, quite literally, as I researched and didn’t know all of the technical terms of branding and blogging. As some may say it’s easy to just get up at start a blog, it actually isn’t. Sure I could create a website and content, but actually managing and promoting can be a challenge. There stems the roots of my writer’s block. Feeling defined by not being knowledgeable, but I can’t let that be my excuse. There aren’t any excuses.


  • Some tips I’ve learned and that I’m still learning:

Just start somewhere. Wether it be ideas or actual thoughts you write down, start somewhere. Doing something is completely better than doing nothing. Take it from someone who’s been there.

Try doing as much research as your mind allows. I personally love to spend hours on Pinterest before bed. I research all of the things I need answers to and then I Pin and Pin until I pretty much fall asleep. I read a lot of articles and blog posts in that time and some I save for later.

Use a dictation app on your phone. I just got into doing this and realized its an extremely big help. I just record myself and my ideas and then when I’m ready, I listen over and transcribe them, then make any corrections needed. Sometimes when you have so many ideas flooding your mind, if you just start to type, you may lose some train of thought. So, for people like myself (with a 3 year old), find this extremely useful.

Get out of that RUT! Try being more productive! That could mean to try a new work out, spa day, cooking class, etc. Just  get out of the rut you’re in and get out of your comfort zone. Sometimes a change in scenery can jolt new ideas into your mind.

Try taking a writing class or writing assignment from home. It’s never a bad idea to brush up on your skills and improve your content. A great investment would be a writing prompt journal. You’ll be back at it in no time when your journal lists the prompts and you reply with your own story.

Try some tunes! Sometimes, when a babysitter is arranged, I like to head out to a local coffee shop and work on some material. But then I find myself sitting there with absolutely no focus on what I need to be writing. I end up wasting so much time and regret going in the first place. So a great way I’ve been able to overcome the coffee makers, blenders, and noises of people chatting, is with music. Some soft cafe music or piano can really keep my focus on my laptop and completely zone out of the place I’m at and zone into the web where I want to be.


Although these aren’t all of the things you can do, a lot of them are a good start. Don’t be afraid of writer’s block, your fears are only as strong as you allow them to be. If you let them, they’ll take ahold and take your mind hostage.


The Learning Mama

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